Clients Come to Me in Stressful and Emotional Times.

I am here to advocate for you and guide you through the legal process. I've been practising law for over three decades .


I have been providing the following services for clients:

Separation and Divorce Proceedings
Parenting (Custody and Access) of Children
Applications for Access to Children by Grandparents
Child Support and Spousal/ Partner Support
Division of Family Property and Pensions
Orders For Sole Occupation of the Family Home
Orders For The Sale of The Family Home
Obtaining Protection Orders and Setting Aside Protection Orders
Guardianship of Children
Adoption of Children
Preparation of Cohabitation, Separation, and Prenuptial Agreements
immigration services
Imimigration Cases
Suit For Over Due Debt

Other Services Provided Include:

Civil matters, such as collecting on overdue accounts/debts Immigration matters including spousal sponsorship applications; work visas; visitors visas; appealing negative decisions